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Traffic Guide:
How it Works
What to Promote?

What is a
Manual Traffic Exchange?

How does it work?
Every time you visit the sites
of other members,
you earn credits that will
give you website traffic to your site.
You can get 100% Free Traffic,
and website promotion, by using our
very easy to use traffic exchange.

Signup Bonuses:
We give new members
100 Credits
500 Banner Ads
500 Text Ads
After you surf 25 sites.

Premium Memberships
Members get earn more
credits and website traffic
by susbcribing to any of our
premium memberships.
Maximize the use of our
traffic exchange,
and earn more commissions!

This is a
Free Traffic Exchange
We deliver:
Web Traffic
Website Traffic
Internet Traffic
Online Traffic
Site Traffic

Advertise with Marketing Surf offers low cost advertising that is effective in increasing your traffic.
Our traffic comes from visitors around the world with a big part coming from the US.

To start getting traffic, please register for a free account.
After you confirm your registration, please go to the Buy Credits section.  You can choose the advertising package that you need. Expect to receive an email for the confirmation of your purchase,
as well as advertising credits added to your account.

You can then go to the Sites section and add your website(s).  
Each site has to be confirmed, this is done automatically.
Simply assign credits to your site, and you will start receiving traffic.  Everything is automatic, you will continue to receive visitors as long as your sites have credits.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to have the opportunity
to bring you website traffic.